7 Basic Item To Keep a Hamster

1. Cage

Hamsters need to be kept in captivity. If they are free range, they are easy to run away. You need buy a cage to keep hamsters away. The cage should be as large as possible for the hamster to move around. You can also add some climbing places in the cage to make them move, but not too high, which is more conducive to their growth.

2. Running Wheel

Provide a run wheel to your hamster is important. This is related to their habits. Hamsters living in the wild are small animals that like to exercise very much. They run a few miles to find food every night, while petted hamsters don’t usually run. In order to better meet the hamster’s habitual needs, prepare a running wheel so that it can run at any time. 

Size of the run wheel for dwarf hamster is 17cm-21cm, and the bear hamster is 21cm-30cm. When the hamster runs on the wheel, the back is in a straight line without bending. If bent, you need to change to a larger running wheel. 

3. Food bowl and water bottle

Prepare a food container specially used to put food, so that hamsters don't eat everywhere. When buying water bottle you must check whether the water bottle are leaking. If you didn’t buy a water bottle, you could use a small container instead. 

4. Toilet

Hamsters have the habit of peeing at certain points, you can make a toilet for your hamster. Make sure the potty is covered with bentonite sand.

5. Bathroom 

Hamsters love to be clean but hamsters cannot be bath with water, as water can cause hamsters to catch a cold. Therefore, you can provide bath sand for hamster to bath. In addition, Syrian hamster cannot use bathing sand. This is because Syrian hamster have larger pores, using bath sand will clog the pores, which will cause Syrian hamster to get skin diseases. Therefore, bath sand is used by dwarf hamsters.

6. Bedding Material

In order to make the hamster have a relatively comfortable environment, we will put some cushion materials under the hamster cage. The cushion material is a kind of common hamster products. The hamster's bedding has the functions of deodorization, water absorption (urine), warmth and cooling.

7. Food

Hamsters are omnivorous animals. Their main food is whole grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables, and occasionally eat breadworm.

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