Know More about Dwarf Hamster - Roborovski Hamster

Behavior and Temperament of Roborovski Hamsters  

Roborovski hamsters are nocturnal so they usually wake at dusk and are active at night. They are generally gentle and rarely nip but they are very fast and agile which makes handling them difficult. It is advisable to handle them in an area where they will be easy to catch if they get away. While your hamster is happiest if you just drop in the treats with food, it can be trained to take treats from your hand. Gently rest your hand, palm up, with the treat in your fingers. Natural curiosity will do the rest. 

Housing the Roborovski Hamster

You can choose a large glass or plastic aquarium for your roborovski hamster and do not forgot to cover your hamsters' home with mesh to allow air circulation and to prevent foreign objects from accidentally falling into the cage.

Cover the bottom of the cage with at least 1 1/4 inches of shavings, which allows your pets to burrow. Roborovski dwarf hamsters love activity and toys. It is best to provide each Roborovski with its own toys this goes for food and water bottles as well. 

Food and Water

Feed your Dwarf hamster once a day. He likes a diet of nuts, grains, and seeds supplemented with fruits and vegetables, including oats, bananas, and carrots. Commercial food blends provide all of the vitamins and minerals they need. Therefore, the supplemental foods generally shouldn’t make up more than 10% of the hamster’s overall diet. 

Always provide a clean source of water for your hamster, and refresh it daily. Cage water bottles work well because they are easy to keep clean and sanitary. You can also use a shallow dish for water until your hamster learns to drink from the bottle.

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