Understand Your Hamster Mood by Observing Thier Body Language

Hamsters can’t speak, so how do we understand them? Observe! Their body language will tell you everything.

1. Tidy up the fur

There are two situations in which hamsters will tidy up their fur: in the first situation, they are in a relaxed state; in the other situation is after the owner touches them, the hamster wants to apply its own taste to the body. 

2. Ear down  

The hamster's ears pointing downwards indicate that their alertness is low and is in a relaxed state. When hamsters are alert, their ears are generally erected high and they are very sensitive to the faint sounds of the surrounding environment.

3. Curl up body

When the hamsters are sleeping soundly, they tend to bend their bodies, so you as a hamster owner, it is best not to wake them up!

4. Climbed onto your hand   

When your hand reached into the cage and call the hamster name softly, if the hamster climbed onto your hand, it means that your hamster is in a good mood today! 

5. Often walk back and forth along the same route

If hamster often walk back and forth in the same route, this is a sign of depression. When hamsters are nervous, they will walk back and forth along the same route. If the you see this kind of behavior from your hamster, you should pay more attention on this.

6. Running the wheel fiercely

Most hamsters run the wheel for exercise and play, but some hamster will vent their dissatisfaction by running the wheel fiercely. So don’t think that hamster running a wheel is a common thing. In fact, hamster is telling you that he/she is very uncomfortable

7. Squeak 

When hamsters feel threatened, they will squeak.They squeak when feels uncomfortable, is mad, or frightened.

8. Burrowing in bedding

This means a hamster is happy and just digging around playing or searching for a possible snack it may have buried earlier. 

9. Freezes in place

When they are afraid, they might playing dead by lying down and freezing in place.

10. Empties cheek pouches quickly

This means that hamster is insecure about the current situation and is likely to flee and hide.

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