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Bucatstate Premium Dwarf Hamster's Food 布卡星侏儒专业粮食 900g

RM 27.00
Bucatstate Premium Dwarf Hamster's Food 布卡星侏儒专业粮食 900g Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Ingredients: Barley Kernels, Barley Flakes, Oatmeal, Red Millet, Millet, Red Rice, Black Rice, Canary Grass Seeds, Mung Beans, Grass Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Flax Seeds, Chestnut Rice, Green Pea Flakes, Quinoa Seeds, Corn Flake, Silver Chestnut, White Sesame 

Protein: 16.5% 

Fat: 6.5% 

Fiber: 7% 

Ash: 10% 

Calcium: 0.5% 

Phosphorus: 0.4% 

✅ Hamster's Balance Diet 

✅ Vacuum Packaging 

✅ No Artificial Preservatives 

✅ GER Germany Hamsters Food Nutrition Standard 

✅ Suitable for Small type hamsters (Another series for Syrian hamster, not this series) As the protein & fat in dwarf hamster’s packaging is lower than Syrian Hamsters Food Packaging.

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